It was a noisy Friday night. The art studios in the building were at capacity, overflowing with reception goers and competing genres of overly exuberant art. When I walked into Diane Tate DallasKidd’s space, the noise stopped. The room was spare and calm, and her art was a world apart from the others outside. It was both subtle and strong. At what first glance appeared to be all black paintings with slivers of gold, I eventually noticed an almost imperceptible background of the deepest, darkest blue. I felt that I had discovered a secret on that noisy Friday night, one that I want to share. Please join me in viewing the works of emerging artist Diane Tate DallasKidd at Sloan Miyasato Fine Art.

-Michelle Bello

Above Image: Diane Tate DallasKidd, Introspect 3, 2017
Acrylic on Wood Panel, 48 x 73.5 x 1.6 Inches

Diane Tate DallasKidd, Flight of Fancy 1-6, 2014
Acrylic on Wood Panel, 24 x 18 Inches

Folds of Gold is about transferring the inspired moment to the viewer. Pieces were composed by swift and intuitive acts of folding paper. Folding requires the body to envelop the material, layering planes of space over and unto itself. Using this 3D approach to create a ‘flat’ painting allowed for a spontaneous mode of expression,” says Diane Tate DallasKidd.

Diane Tate DallasKidd, Modules 1-4, 2014
Acrylic on Wood Panel, 24 x 18 Inches Each, 36 x 48 All

Diane Tate DallasKidd
Artist Portrait Photo by Dana Spaeth

Diane Tate DallasKidd was born and raised in San Francisco. Upon graduating from SF State University with a BFA in Textile Art, she traveled to Japan to study under 4th generation dyer Tsuyoshi Kuno. Kuno uses centuries old shibori techniques in inventive ways to create cutting-edge textiles for avante-garde fashion designers such as Issey Miyake. Shibori is a dye-resist technique in which pattern is created by keeping areas of the cloth from taking color using methods such as stitching, tying, and folding. Working alongside these visionary textile artisans had a lasting impact on DallasKidd’s own artwork. In addition to continuing to experiment with textiles in her art practice, she brings the same vision and dedication to process in her most recent body of paintings Folds of Gold.

Diane Tate DallasKidd, Introspect 3 and 4, 2017 (Installation View)
Acrylic on Wood Panel, 48 x 73.5 x 1.6 Inches