Judith Foosaner
Aerial Excursion, 2005
Oil on Canvas
60 x 60 Inches

Paintings by Judith Foosaner, curated by Michelle Bello, are now available at Sloan Miyasato Fine Art. With her emphasis on drawing and its place in the shifting fortunes of painting, Foosaner intensely and relentlessly probes the possibilities of line. Gravity and flight, speed and resistance, weight, pressure, and direction are all present. Dance, music, literature, and calligraphy inform her art. A longtime professor at California College of the Arts, this master of the linear lives and works in Berkeley, California.

“Certainly my work is greatly influenced by calligraphy–primarily Chinese and Japanese. I don’t know if it’s a correct definition, but my idea of calligraphy is a marriage of line and space. There is rhythm. There is movement. If there is a pause, it is pregnant. Expectant. Each mark calls space into being.”

Tommy Talbot (415) 431-1465 tommyt@sloanm.com
2 Henry Adams Street, San Francisco, M-F, 9am-5pm

Judith Foosaner
Water Music, 1997
Oil on Canvas
54 x 60 Inches

Judith Foosaner
Push Come to Shove, 2003
Oil on Canvas
66 x 78 Inches

Tommy Talbot
(415) 431-1465 tommyt@sloanm.com

Sloan Miyasato
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San Francisco, CA 94103

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